A success story from the CIBC-CultureLink mentoring partnership

The day we landed in Toronto, it was minus 20 Celsius. I have lived my whole life in a country which is 30 C all year round! Despite the cold, it was refreshing to be breathing in constant fresh air. Being totally foreign to this place, I learn to see things brand new, like a baby, and adapt to a whole new world.

Tingpei with her CIBC branch manager and a colleague came to deliver donations to CultureLink #RefugeeWelcome Donation Centre

After 6 months, my husband was not getting anywhere close to finding a job, so I decided to join the bandwagon of job seekers and try my luck. I registered with CultureLink’s Career Mentorship Program and was assigned a volunteer mentor for the next few months. My mentor, Mr. Cass Simmons, with his knowledge and guidance, was very helpful as I began my job search.

I also started attending CultureLink events held in collaboration with various corporations within the financial services industry. I found these quick face-to-face meetings with individual employees representing different divisions of their organisations an excellent opportunity to network and understand what Canadian employers are essentially looking for. It was also a chance to market ourselves in this highly competitive job market.

Last October, CultureLink and CIBC co-organised a resume workshop and mentoring event. Hidden behind this mentoring event was a recruitment drive for CIBC’s retail banking of GTA West. It was through this event that I was introduced to their recruiters and after subsequent interviews that I successfully landed a job in the bank. All within a span of 3 months from my first meeting with them. And to top it off, I am currently assigned for training at the branch closest to me, which happens to be in the same building where I currently reside.

I am utterly thankful for this opportunity and to CultureLink for delivering such great initiatives for newcomers. You guys make a difference!!

by Tingpei L.

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