Healthy Eating & Safe Shopping during COVID-19

On April 30th, CultureLink’s SWIS and Newcomer Mental Health Program joint forces to hold a virtual health and nutrition session in conjunction with Sherbourne Health.

The hour-long session, led by a registered dietitian, was called Healthy Eating & Safe Shopping during COVID-19. This presentation was developed in response to the current climate of fear and anxiety around health and safety, as well as the prevalence of misinformation around safe shopping and eating practices during the pandemic.

The presentation explored healthy and culturally sensitive eating guidelines, shared recipe ideas that use limited fresh ingredients and non-perishable pantry items, dispelled myths around washing fruits, vegetables and packaging with soap, and explained current recommendations on how to safely disinfect and consume groceries after shopping. The session was well attended and the participants were engaged in asking questions and sharing their own practices, which feels particularly important during a time of isolation and uncertainty.

Upcoming events

After the success of this session, we have organized a second session called Kids’ Nutrition and Health during COVID-19, which will focus on guidelines and resources for keeping children healthy and happy during this time. The session will be held online on Thursday, May 28th at 2PM. For details or to register, please contact Janika Oza, School Settlement Worker, at