What happens after school on Thursdays, at St. Mary Catholic Academy?

Student leads in the Multicultural Club in one Toronto high school

An incredibly diverse group of newcomer youth are developing their leadership skills in the Multicultural Club for Newcomer Youth. We have about 25 participants, and we meet with them every Thursday after school, for about two hours.  Through joining and participating in the Multicultural Club, youth can earn volunteering hours, practice leadership skills, receivee assistance with communication and writing skills, make new friends, share their ideas and experiences and increase their social support networks.

Many students found that being part of this club has helped them develop the confidence that is essential to speaking clearly, lucidly, and thoughtfully (oral communication skills). It guides them to work effectively with different types of people from different backgrounds and their willingness to work cooperatively through motivation and commitment. In addition, it teaches them the importance of respecting their co-workers when they discover that a successful production requires contributions from everybody who is involved. Mutual respect is essential.

The idea of the Multicultural Club helps newcomer students to concentrate while having many roles to play if they are to succeed. At last, all the activities tend to enrich the students’ leadership skills and help them learn from their mistakes so they become better leaders.

The Multicultural Club is a collaboration among Ronald from the Settlement Workers in Schools team, Leah from CultureLink Youth Centre, & Ebraheem from the Integration and Settlement Services project.

Tree made up of many flags from around the world