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Networking / Mentoring event on Saturday, February 16th

CCMP (Community Connections Mentorship Program) had a very successful Networking / Mentoring event over the weekend in Scarborough.

Participating mentors represented a vast array of industries, such as Mining, Accounting, Information Technology, Architecture, Law, Aeronautical Design,  Nursing, Real Estate, Business Administration, E-commerce, Executive Coaching and Retail participated in the event. Their experiences ranged from managers to business owners to vice-president of big corporations.

Between mentors and mentees, there were a total of 50 participants. Among them was our former client Aashish Adhikari who is now working as an accountant in a big company. He shared his own success story and talked about the benefits he received from the Mentorship Program at CultureLink.

As a result of the event, mentors were very enthusiastic about participating in this kind of events more often.


“First of all thank you so much for organizing such a wonderful event, it was immensely inspiring and was indeed worth being a part of.”

“It was a wonderful experience for me as I got the insights and guidance.”

“It was an amazing event to connect with so many professionals from diverse backgrounds. Gathering them on a Saturday isn’t an easy task I must admit. Your efforts are truly quantifiable and laudable in arranging such niche events. The best part was the success stories shared by those people and boosting morale of the new immigrants who are adjusting to the new surroundings in a financial crux without a job in hand.”

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