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Networking, Networking, Networking

As digital technology expands and integrates into all aspects of our lives, the shortage of Cybersecurity skills increases globally. Cybersecurity professionals are now in high demand but the job market for these opportunities is often hidden, which is why it is extremely important to Network, Network, and Network.

CultureLink’s Cybersecurity Bridge Training Program has partnered with ISACA to provide training to newcomers with background and/or interest in IT/Coding. This is the entry point into the Cybersecurity industry.  A new group starts every month with a full week of Canadian Career development workshop and seven weeks of training to prepare students to write the CSX designation.

This program also provides several opportunities for the students to connect with as many leading professionals in the industry. These professional development and networking events are held each month with at least two guest speakers. We are very grateful to host our amazing guest speakers who have expertise and industry knowledge, which guide students on their journey to success at no cost.

In September, we had the pleasure of hearing from Graeme Abraham, IT Manager in Infrastructure & Cybersecurity Operations. He is certified in CISSP, PMP, MCSA, and CHRP. He gave participants an overview of the Cybersecurity field and highlighted its importance. In addition to that, he spoke about the challenges and potential opportunities for Cybersecurity professionals in the Healthcare environment. His interesting and amazing presentation focused on Digital Security Policy, Security Controls as well as the designations required for these specializations.

We also had Ireen Birungi, Assistant VP in Cybersecurity at Interac Corp in September. She is certified in CISSP, CRISC, SCP, and CISM.  Her captivating presentation allowed participants to understand what the road map to success would look like for a Cybersecurity professional. Ireen also shared details about the importance of Cybersecurity and Networking with others in the field. In addition to that, she reassured the students that there are many job opportunities in Cybersecurity as the demand for professionals in all sectors of Cybersecurity is increasing.


The Cybersecurity Training Program has successfully helped at least 50% of the participants find jobs in the field.


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