Newcomer Youth Centre

The end of fall is usually a bittersweet time for the Newcomer Youth Centre; this month, for example, concluded our Global Roots program for the season (that’s the bitter part).  In partnership with The Stop, CultureLink facilitates a weekly multicultural, inter-generational community foods garden known as Global Roots. By sharing food growing and preparation traditions from around the world, Global Roots provides a space for youth and seniors to work together, transfer knowledge and share based on lived experiences. As has been the tradition over the years, the last day of the season is marked by a celebration of food, dance and culture. This season’s end was highlighted by the Chinese seniors teaching the group how to prepare traditional Chinese dumplings.

Fall also marks the beginning of the Mabelle Children’s After-school program (this is the sweet part). This program is facilitated Mondays through Wednesdays from 3:00-6:00pm out of 49 Mabelle Ave. The objective of the program is to engage children in grades 1-7 in an after-school program that focuses on physical activity, healthy eating and academic success through homework help.

Amina Yassin-Omar, Assistant Manager

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