Newcomers meet Canadian wilderness

Rouge National Urban Park is the country’s first national urban park — a landscape encompassing historic farms, century-old trees, peaceful meadows and lush wetlands.
In order for newcomer youth to develop life skills, social competencies, and resiliency, on July 11th, 2018, CulureLink, ParkBus and Parks Canada worked together to invite newcomer youth to have the joys and benefits of exploring nature at Rouge Park.
During the trip, youth participants led by Parks Canada staff learned the knowledge and skills needed in order to prepare and carry out their camping adventure on their own. After the Learn to Camp session, youth participants had a fun and joyful time to build their own tents. It was a very good opportunity for youth participants to build effective communication skills and teamwork skills during this session.

Additionally, Rouge Park expert staff guided youth participants to hike in the trail to see, smell, hear, taste, and feel nature in the park. Youth participants learned the history of Rouge Park and the knowledge of local ecosystems including old-growth trees, plants, bees, and birds by exploring the restored habits and practising active listening skills.
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