Newcomers Speak Up for Success

Public speaking is a skill that can benefit so many areas of life—from progressing your career to making social connections and taking up new hobbies. It’s common to worry about public speaking but it can be hard to build confidence when there aren’t many opportunities to practise in a safe and supportive environment.

Our Newcomers Speak Up for Success program is focused on giving you the skills you need to thrive when faced with the challenge of public speaking. Throughout the 10 weekly sessions you’ll have the chance to learn about, and practise giving, various types of presentations, receiving feedback to help you improve. Each session is two hours long and includes a break, presentation, discussion and hands-on practice. Homework will also be assigned.

We’ll teach you more about Canadian humour so you can better understand your new audience. You’ll also learn the theory behind giving a good speech so you can approach the tasks in a positive and prepared way. You’ll work in small groups, as well as with a mentor, meaning you can benefit from ongoing support and networking beyond the program if you choose.


  • Enjoy a friendly and motivating environment with coaching from experienced mentors.
  • Practise public speaking through impromptu and prepared speeches.
  • Learn at your own pace and in line with your own comfort level.
  • Use different speech structures and styles.
  • Practise using visual aids.
  • Learn about body language and posture. 
  • Gain tips and tricks to help overcome fear.
  • Improve your language skills and understanding of Canadian humour.
  • Discuss public speaking trends.
  • Meet like-minded peers who can empathize with your situation.
  • Receive a certificate of completion for attending six or more sessions.


  • This course is for Landed Immigrants and Convention Refugees over the age of 19, with CLB 5 or above.

How to join