Aqeela Saddiqui SWIS News

The NOW club at Central Tech School makes it easier for newcomer students to adjust to their new school and Canadian society, by presenting workshops relevant to their needs throughout the school year. The topics are varied and are facilitated by their peers and teachers, community members and settlement workers in Schools (SWIS).
Recently, the SWIS workers in partnership with the CultureLink Youth Department ran a series of workshops on E-cigarettes and Vaping, Winter Crafts, Mindfulness, Games and Sports and Job search & Interview Skills.
The SWIS Workers also bring agencies together to provide varied information on a single topic. This multi-agency approach encourages collaboration, co-operation and resource sharing so that students receive optimum information. Such is the upcoming workshop on March Break Activities that will be facilitated by three community agencies, namely Scaddingcourt, YMCA and CultureLink Youth Department. The information shared will ensure that the newcomer students are well informed and are encouraged to participate in a number of March break activities across the city.
With ongoing assessment of the needs of the newcomer students and the delivery of these programs, participants are continually guided in paths which help them to succeed both academically and socially.