Soulpepper’s Cabaret – New Canadian Welcome

Now in year two of CultureLink’s partnership with Soulpepper to welcome new Canadians into Soulpepper’s rich cultural performances and space, the partnership is growing in new and exciting ways.

April 30th, Soulpepper’s artists teamed up to create a cabaret for our newcomer families. Songs of welcome, friendship and encouragement were the themes of the day with piano, accordion, saxophone and vocalist featured.

Mask-making was also happening to engage the children’s imagination. Later in the cabaret, the children were welcomed to join in the music-making with percussion instruments and general merry-making as they scampered about full of glee and spirit.

Hopefully next time our newcomers will also take the stage and share in their musical talents. With such a wonderful afternoon had by all,Soulpepper will add this as a part of the program. Lucky everyone!!!

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