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The Leaders of Today

Leadership doesn’t come with a title or seniority. Experience and hierarchy might give you authority and power, but do not make you a leader. Leadership has little to do with personality. One could be a low-key introvert with leadership skills. Leadership is the ability to listen to others and lead by example. Leaders act with determination and integrity. A leader is honest and patient, they express their thoughts while showing respect and appreciation to others. A potential leader is born every day and it is our job to prepare them for the future.

CultureLink’s Summer Settlement Program hosted two Leadership Training Sessions for youth this past month. Altogether, there were 38 participants between the ages of 14 and 24. Not only did they learn some essential Leadership Skills, but they also had a good time while doing so. The information as presented in an interactive way, which was essential to keep them engaged.

Thank you so much for today’s program, it was amazing. The leadership session was really good. It kept me entertained for more than an hour. Which is a really good thing.” – Binita Karmaker 

“The session was awesome! The most important part of the seminar was of course the information that was presented in an interesting way! Thanks so much!” –  Ayush Verma

We all need a confidence boost some times, but especially young people, as they navigate through life and changes within themselves. High school students were very appreciative of the lessons and tools provided.

“Being able to interact and learn from others made it so much easier to understand the factors of leadership. If I am given the chance, I would for sure take this opportunity again and join. I think other youth will make use of this session for leadership is something that is common especially in the lives of high school students. Presentations, assignments, activities etc.  leadership is needed and with what we’ve learnt yesterday, my confidence in my ability to lead has increased along with my knowledge. The strategies such as the OREO and SMART goals were what I liked the most, also the fact that it was a very interactive zoom meeting! Thank you so much for this!” – Niha

Our goal was to build an informative and enjoyable session for youth. Thankfully, the feedback received indicates we succeeded. Here’s to more empowered youth!

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