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The Three-Month Journey of Alex

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Alex Munoz Marin started the Cybersecurity Training Program with Culturelink on Nov 29, 2019.  He had no previous experience in IT, however, he brought his expertise in auditing for banking and commercial industries. With his background, he was able to transfer his skills and expertise to capitalize on the CSX training.

During the first part of the program, the week of Career Development Training at Culturelink, he demonstrated commitment and determination to the program. With our mentor’s help, he improved his interview skills and worked on his resume to match his previous experience and what he had learnt from the program.  He understood how to promote himself on LinkedIn and in the Canadian Job Market.

The next seven weeks are dedicated to specific Cybersecurity knowledge. After finishing the CSX Fundamentals, Alex qualifications were undeniable and he was matched with an employer.

On February 24, he started a new job in the role of Risk Analyst and Cybersecurity Specialist. His success story will continue, and we’re proud to say his journey started with the help of CultureLink’s Cybersecurity Team. Congratulations Alex!

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