TRIEC Mentoring Partnership Program

CultureLink’s Community Connections Mentorship Program (CCMP) has a long history of supporting newcomers in establishing both social and professional networks through mentoring and networking events. The new TRIEC Mentoring Partnership Program comes as a natural next step to provide further career mentoring opportunities for our clients.

We are excited to become a community partner with the TRIEC Mentoring Partnership, not only does the program provides an opportunity for mentors and mentees to connect, but it also helps participants connect to a network of professionals within the community. Our hope is that mentees will become active contributors in their communities and eventually return as mentors themselves.

One-on-one mentoring that enables clients to get expert advice from a professional in their field and expand their network.

When newcomers register with CultureLink, they stand to gain a multitude of benefits that can significantly enhance their settlement and integration into the Canada:

  • A rich reservoir of knowledge, experience, and opportunities, providing valuable insights to navigate their career paths more effectively
  • A better understanding of Canadian workplace culture and terminology, easing the transition into the Canadian professional landscape
  • Access to crucial labor market insights, enabling them to leverage their experience and skills effectively
  • A platform to build networks, providing access to hidden opportunities that may otherwise go unnoticed
  • A keen understanding of the Canadian context within their profession and stay abreast of industry trends
  • The tools and strategies needed for a more effective job search, fostering a smoother and more successful integration into the Canadian workforce


  • Permanent Residents (PR), Protected persons, Ukrainian Temporary Resident under CUAET or Live-in Caregiver
  • Newcomer professional
  • Must have lived in Canada for less than five years
  • Job-ready English proficiency level

For more information, please contact Yan at or Sarah at


This program is funded by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada.