Wellness During Quarantine

CultureLink Post Banner Wellness During Quarantine

In February 2020, CultureLink proudly launched the Newcomer Mental Health Program. The goal of this new program is to welcome newcomers and provide a range of wellness workshops to support a positive settlement experience.

In an environment of wellness together, the Newcomer Mental Health Program helps newcomers to learn new ways of coping, connecting and sharing with a like-minded community and learning new skills. Some of our group sessions so far have included information and resources in the community, nutrition, yoga, relationships & love language, sleep hygiene and self-care. Participants were able to improve their well-being and exercise self-reflection using journalism as a medium.

Our Activities Have Gone Virtual

As soon as the first six group sessions ended, the quarantine began. However, no form of isolation could stop our exciting new program from quickly transitioning to become an online and live zoom activity! April virtual groups in the works include a morning Chair Yoga session and a presentation on understanding relationships.

The next series of six group sessions start on April 22nd and will be led by Doris Rajan, an experienced facilitator, artist and writer. Participants will receive a certificate upon completion. To register, visit Creative Workshops for Women.