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Your Cybersecurity Career Starts Here

On May 31st, our CultureLink Cybersecurity Training Program started yet another cohort with 13 new students.

The training is divided in two parts. The first part, called Canadian Career Development, is a 5-day workshop that assists students with the job search process and introduces them to the Canadian workplace culture. Participants learn to build a resume and cover letter that fit the job market, and equips them with the skills to succeed in job interviews.

Before they move on to the second part of the training, students have also expanded their knowledge on the cybersecurity field: the types of job opportunities, the demand and supply in the market and the skills employers require.

Professional Development

On June 3rd, as the first part of the training was coming to a close, all students participated of a Professional Development / Networking Event with June Leung and Eric Halliwell from Moneris.

These events give students the opportunity to get insights from experts in the field.

Our guests spoke about the various roles within the cybersecurity field, and explained in detail the main functions of each of them, giving participants a better understanding of possible pathways.

They focus of their presentation was Identity Assessment Management and talked about the benefits of working in this area of Cybersecurity:

  1. It is not highly technical, meaning you don’t necessarily need a degree in the field, but you must understand the key concepts, participate in continuous learning and always ask questions.
  2. You can transfer skills from previous job to help you transition.
  3. It is very rewarding to know you are building enterprise solutions and can see the results on the achievements of the different users.
  4. It provides a healthy work-life balance.

Our guests also reinforced some of the things students had reviewed during the first week of the training, and added more as a reminder:

  • The importance of a LinkedIn Profile as it helps to showcase who you are as a professional. It attracts employers to you if open to working opportunities. 
  • The importance of good communication skills. 
  • The importance of having a good resume and how this will set you apart from other applicants. 
  • The importance of networking, both in and out of the field. This helps expand your exposure to different individuals who could potentially help you on your path in this field. 
  • The importance of continuous learning.

As always, we thank our guests for taking the time to speak to our students and giving them a broader vision of the many opportunities in the Cybersecurity industry.

After this event, our participants were more than ready to start the next stage of the training, where they will prepare for the ITCA Certificate.

Visit our Cybersecurity Training Program Events page for upcoming information sessions and program dates.

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