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A Thank You Note

Post Banner Thank You Note

On February 21, one of our clients wrote:

Dear program worker,

First, I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to you and CultureLink for the constant support and encouragement that I received since the day I walked into the organization. 

I still remember the day I met with one of the employment counsellors. She patiently listened to my struggle in adapting to this new country. And she was kind enough to connect me to the Mentorship Program, where I found amazing guidance.

CultureLink gave me hope that this country is full of opportunities. It convinced me that it was just a matter of time before I found my dream job. But you made sure I was always linked to the network and placed me in the right place at the right time in front of the right people.

I volunteered for the Interview Squad. During that time, I got to meet experts and mentors from different industries who gave me the employer’s perspective on the hiring process. This is a highly structured program, with a well-defined strategy. It is a space where newcomers prepare to meet with industry professionals who give feedback on adapting to the Canadian job market.

During my visits to CultureLink, I witnessed a strong team and an unwavering commitment to a common goal. They make the start of a new life in Canada a smooth and easy process for newcomers and refugees. The best part is that Culturelink offers a variety of programs, not only job-based. So even if I’m not engaged as a job-seeker, I can still participate in recreational activities with them. But for those searching for jobs, they host several networking events. These give newcomers a rare opportunity to gain insights from prospective employers and to fine-tune their career strategy. However, for me, CultureLink is more than the workshops and events. It is because of CultureLink that I am confident that I will fully settle in this new beautiful city.

You have been and always will be my pillar of wisdom. Your advice for the tiniest of problems and that little nudge when I doubted myself are priceless. You helped me frame a plan-of-action, and were always there to guide me through it. Your dedication and calmness speak wonders about your experience. I trust, without a doubt, that you do the best by every one of your clients, selflessly.

My area of interest is healthcare and hospital care. I have been volunteering at Sunnybrook hospital since November to understand the work system and the culture. Today, I am happy to share that I have joined that organization in the Nursing Resources Scheduling Office, and finally, my foot is in the door. Tomorrow is my first day. 🙂

Rest assure, my association with Culturelink is not over. This is just the beginning of more days of hope and success.

Wishing the very best to the whole team. 


Megha Anand

Though names have been removed, those mentioned in this letter received the praises they deserved for inspiring such a wholehearted note or appreciation. We are immensely proud of all of our staff, for it is their genuine devotion to our clients’ wellbeing what drives this organization’s success.

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