Biking through Coronavirus

CultureLink Post Banner Biking Through COVID

The coronavirus pandemic has shaken our city. Our hearts are with those suffering from the disease and all those working to help them get through it. It’s important that we all do what we can to stop the spread of the virus: stay home, wash our hands, and keep at least two metres of distance.

One interesting development during these challenging times has been the prominent role that cycling has taken on. From couriers delivering food and medical supplies to seniors, to essential service workers looking for an alternative to commuting by TTC, to isolated Torontonians running essential errands or getting their daily exercise. People all over the city are relying on their bicycles to keep them going through this pandemic.

CultureLink’s Cycling Programs

Thanks to CultureLink’s Sustainable Communities program, thousands of Torontonians have gained valuable experience cycling in the city, more valuable now than ever. Bike Host pairs newcomers with Toronto cyclist mentors, who lead them on rides meant to build their skills and introduce them to the city’s possibilities. The Bike to School Project provides cycling education, support for after-school bike clubs and help to engage with local safe street projects. The Bike Hub at 15 Tobermory teaches youth from the Jane and Finch community to repair their bikes or build a bike in their fully-equipped bike shop space within a TCHC tower. Mississauga Cycles operates another bike hub, runs another Bike Host program and promotes cycling in the GTHA’s largest suburb. Hopefully, all our clients are better equipped to use cycling to get around thanks to their time with us!

How to Bike Safely during the Pandemic

CultureLink’s partner organization Cycle Toronto recently worked with Toronto Public Health to develop guidelines for safe cycling during the COVID outbreak. They created a website to address key questions for those thinking about taking to the streets on two wheels, including:

  • Why do I need to practice social distancing?
  • So can I still ride my bike?
  • Can I ride with groups of friends?
  • I heard that parks are closed. Can I still ride on park trails?
  • How do I know where to ride?
  • Temporary active transportation routes: what’s the deal?
  • Where can I get my bike repaired?
  • Why have some places banned cycling?

Read more about staying safe on your bike during COVID-19 at Cycling in the Time of COVID-19