Culturelink shared with the Nai Choir and their families the celebration of Eid

During the month of September, Muslims around the world celebrated the second and the biggest Islamic festival called Eid Al-Adha. Culturelink was able to organize an Eid celebration trip for all Nai Choir members and their families. The trip took place at the YMCA Geneva Park.

The families had a great get-away experience, they got the chance to celebrate Eid with their friends, in a very nice and relaxing place. Everyone was happily involved in starting the camp fire.

Mr. Roy the director of the Orillia Vocal Ensemble Music School, led the choir rehearsal at the Geneva Park. Getting the kids ready to perform at the 6 Degrees, as well as the Special Citizenship Ceremony; it was a unique opportunity to rehearse in both English and French O Canada song with the Orillia team.

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