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Newcomers on the Road to Success

CIBC Recruiting Mentoring Event

To those who are brave enough (or have no choice but) to leave the life they know and start again in another country, the excitement of being a newcomer can turn into fear and stress in a matter of days. The pressure to settle down can be daunting, and one doesn’t know where to begin.

For most newcomers, the first step is to find a job. And it shouldn’t be that hard, almost everyone comes with working experience after all. They begin the process hopeful and soon find that their expectations were far from reality. The goal now seems more distant and hope turns into distress. There’s nothing left to do but to keep trying. If only they could get some help!

Whoever said there are no shortcuts on the road to success never came to CultureLink. We do a lot for newcomers, from counselling to recreational activities. But one thing we are really good at is matching our clients with mentors (read about our Mentorship programs).

Do you wish you could have your resume reviewed by a real person and skip the recruitment agency? We can make that happen. We call this a Mentoring event. It gives newcomers the opportunity to meet representatives from Canadian companies, be interview by them and get feedback to improve. They also receive guidance on how to find jobs in the industry.

CIBC Recruiting/Mentoring Event for Newcomers – May 2019

The most recent event was hosted at our main office, in partnership with CIBC, and organized by our very own Rakesh Bhardwaj. He received over a hundred applications from eager newcomers and read each resume to select the best candidates. He invited a team of 12 leaders from CIBC, which included two of his former clients. Keval and Neelesh are a testament to the success of this partnership. Not long ago, they were sitting in that same room as members of the audience. Last week they proudly wore their CIBC name badges and shared their inspiring stories. A few months from now, it could be someone from that group telling future newcomers how a Recruiting/Mentoring event helped them get a job and start their new Canadian life.

Mentoring Event for Newcomers


“The experience is simply outstanding. The entire event was extremely well coordinated. There couldn’t have been a better platform for newcomers to feel so comfortable and welcoming. Additionally, the opportunity to meet and network with the recruiters and the hiring managers of a reputed company such as CIBC is the icing on the cake.”

“The experience at the event was fantastic. It was lovely to see that the CIBC team is extremely involved with the CultureLink team. I was interviewed and got very constructive feedback.”

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