Feeling alone and isolated? Experiencing culture shock and feeling awkward in new social settings? Trapped in the seemingly never-ending “resume, cover-letter, interview” job-searching circle, looking for that big break through the right connections? You have just clicked on the right link! We, the Community Connections Mentorship Program, are here to link you with not only the right services, but also the right people who can assist you on your journey to become settled and integrate into your new country.

If you hold a valid Permanent Resident card, please join us for the following activities:

  • Career Mentoring – If you are an internationally-trained professional with a good grasp of English, you may be interested in meeting with mentors to provide you with tips on getting a job in your field. We have opportunities to meet with long-term mentors or companies such as the major banks, Google and Rogers Communications on a speed matching basis.
  • Citizenship Mentoring Circles – This 10-session mentoring program helps newcomers learn more about Canada and get the information they need to pass their Citizenship test.  These sessions are held in various locations across Toronto and Scarborough.
  • English Conversation Circles – If you want to practise what you have learned during the day at Canadian Centre for Language and Cultural Studies, we offer meetings with other newcomers who continue practising their English on a more casual basis in the evening.
  • NEAT (Newcomers Explore and Appreciate Toronto) – Online and In-person: As part of civic engagement mentorship, NEAT offers flexible hands-on “Canadian” volunteer experience for newcomers to Canada in event planning, social media marketing and project management. Newcomers work as Volunteer Event Planners and are matched with mentors. Together they explore Toronto online and in-person and organize guided tours/outdoor/online activities. Register for NEAT program here.
  • NEATwalks Events – Online and In-person: For newcomers to Canada, attend free outdoor activities and guided tours (now available online) to learn about your new city and free events and meet new people. NEATwalks offer specific winter activities throughout winter months.
  • Newcomers Speak Up For Success: Available online during covid-19 pandemic– Public speaking is part of everyday life and is an important skill that needs on-going practice. This is a 10-weeks program developed for Newcomers to Canada with LINC/CLB Leve 5 and above to enhance their public speaking and presentation skills. Sessions are led by mentors and offer new tips to work on and a chance to practice prepared and impromptu speeches. Participants are matched with mentors in small groups for extra practice and guidance as well as networking with others.
  • Interview Squad Newcomers Program– The program will help newcomers become ready for their job search so they can showcase their talents and experience with confidence to Canadian employers and successfully navigate the hiring process. It is run by HR professionals and those with solid interview experience to ensure you have the highest quality training available. This training, which is conducted online, through Skype and in-person,  has been highly lauded by past graduates. One of every four program participants landed a job in their chosen career.
  • Syrian Online Support English Conversation Circle – Since language is the main barrier that faces Syrian newcomers in Canada where they are unable to communicate and eventually to get employed. So, to overcome this obstacle and to assist Syrians in their settlement process, CultureLink launched Syrian Online Support Program (SOS) in August 2017. The participants practice English with a professional ESL mentor twice a week in the evening via WhatsApp.
  • ArtegrationWe are starting to get more involved with festivals, galleries, museums, music and theatre.  Currently we are working closely with Luminato, Soulpepper, Arts in the Park, Koffler Centre and the Aga Khan Museum.
  • Bike Host – If you know how to ride a bicycle, you will be able to borrow a bicycle from us. You will be matched with a mentor and explore Toronto by bike while practicing your English and meeting new people.
  • Camping Experience (for first time newcomer campers) – Having fun in Canada’s parks is an essential part of being a Canadian. Newcomers of all ages will have the opportunity to participate in camping this summer. We prepare the participants well ahead of time with practical camping essentials through meetings once a month. It is a great way to know Canadians and other newcomer families in a relaxed atmosphere.
  • Special Programs for Newcomers – We create new programs continuously to meet newcomers’ needs. The most recent large wave are refugees from the Syrian war. We are currently working with partners to provide entry level jobs for them and look for other opportunities on an ongoing basis. For the past year CultureLink has also been proud of its CultureLink Nai Syrian Children’s Choir which has had the honour of performing in the House of Commons, the Ontario Legislature, Luminato and to participate in the opening ceremonies of the Toronto National Exhibition.
  • The Hospitality Language Training Program – CultureLink launched the Hospitality Language Training Program in partnership with the Hospitality Workers Training Centre (HWTC) in October 2017.
  • Wintegration – Wingration is part of NEAT – Newcomers Explore and Appreciate Toronto; and NEAT event planners work together as teams to organize winter activities. Please see NEAT for more information.

To help us better understand your needs and find a good match for you, Click to open and fill the registration form and complete a needs assessment with a Mentorship Program Worker. Please contact Jai Bharat at to get assistance if you have any problems with the form.