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Story of My Life

This summer, we had the pleasure of hosting a music workshop through our E3 Youth program. The workshop was designed for the vibrant young residents of the East Mall Capri community, aged between 9 and 15 years old.

Originally planned as a 4-week program, the workshop aimed to teach music production, provide an introduction to the music business, and demonstrate how music can be used as a positive tool for healing and coping.

But the enthusiasm and talent we saw were so overwhelming that we extended the program by another four weeks! This extra time allowed us to incorporate a music mentorship element. Our partner and facilitator stepped into the role of a music label, providing comprehensive music services for two of our participants.

Meet JSav and EnerDre – these are the artistic names they’ve chosen. They’ve created a new song titled “Story of My Life,” which offers a glimpse into the lives of two young boys from the Capri community.

If you’ve ever questioned the importance of mentorship and connections, let this be your answer. By providing them with the right resources, tools, and a safe space to express themselves, we’ve seen these two talented youths unlock their creative potential. We can’t wait to see where their musical journey takes them next!

Story of My Life (CAPRI)

EnerDre (Verse):

All my life I really was a baller
Not a shot caller
You don’t need a blade to just put God first
At the court I’m putting in that hard work
Putting in that pain
Gotta stay strong when you walk through the rain
Yeah, I been lost and I been on journeys
Saw one of my homies get put on a gurney
LLC, yeah, I’m doing this for me and you
Love my homies and Capri too
Know I can prove,
Know I can win, and I know I can’t lose
Know I can’t lose

Chorus (x2):

Jsav: Everyday walking through Capri
Gotta pray to God I don’t know what I’m gonna be
JSav: Firefighter
EnerDre: Lifesaver
Jsav: Heart chaser
EnerDre: Gameplayer
Jsav and EnerDre: Gotta put on for the whole team

Everyday walking through Capri on my ones
Momma telling me hope you live to see your sons”
Missing all the fun cus I’m thinking bout those funds
Momma so worried think I’m hanging out with thugs
I don’t know how I’m supposed to move
Tryna see the world from a different view
Tryna find my groove
I know I can win, I know I can’t lose
I know I can win, I know I can’t lose

Chorus (x3)

Written by Andre and JaySean in the Music Mentorship Program made possible by CultureLink.
Facilitated, Mixed and Mastered by Anton of VinCity Entertainment

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