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This is my success story

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Hi, my name is Charmaine Walters and this is my success story:

In March 2016, I moved to Canada, leaving my job, my friends and family trying to find a better life. Living in the Dundas area I use the Dundas West Station regularly. Every time I was in the bus heading to or from the subway, I would see the name CultureLink on the building across the street. And each time I saw the sign I wondered what it was about. At first, I thought it was a place where people of the same culture would meet up and have a good time.

One day I decided to visit CultureLink and see what it was like. I walked in, spoke to the receptionist, she made a call, and in walked a pleasant lady. I introduced my self to her and she introduced herself as an Employment Counsellor. During our meeting, I told her that I was new to the country and all the goals I wanted to accomplish in my new life here in Canada. After talking for a while I realized that Culturelink was an organization that assists newcomers in settling in Canada, and connects them to the available resources.

One of my goals was to go back to school. They walked me through the steps of getting started. I immediately saw the school I wanted to go to and the program I intended to do. I was a bit scared because I had left high school a long time, but they reassured me that it would be ok.

On September 16, 2018, I enrolled in Humber College pursuing my two years Social Worker Diploma Program. My final semester ends in April 2020, and I am looking forward to continuing my degree at the University of Guelph Humber.

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