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The path of Jun

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Jun is a creative and driven professional. Back home, she worked as iOS and Android developer, a job in which she always excelled. However, she came to Canada knowing that it would be a challenge to get her career started. She was willing to work hard, but she wasn’t sure where to start.

As it often happens, she found out about the Interview Squad through a friend. It didn’t take much convincing for her to join the next group. With the workshop, she got her professional advice from HR mentors for her Resume and LinkedIn profile. She learned and practiced interview skills and was able to build her self-confidence.

At the end of the program, at one of the networking events, she met staff members from Telus. This was a life-changing point for Jun. One of the people she met was very impressed with her skills and had no problem connecting her with a colleague who wasn’t at the event. The colleague was no other than the mobile app manager, who offered Jun a job.

Jun returned to CultureLink shortly after the Interview Squad finished to announce she was now working at Telus as an IOS Mobile app developer. “When I stepped into CultureLink for the first time, I didn’t know it was the day that would change my life”.

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