Work Hard, Earn a Bike

CultureLink’s Community Bicycle Hub promotes cycling as a great hobby and a green method of transport. Through our bike repair workshops and services, we support cycling initiatives and get more people involved in creating a sustainable cycling culture that benefits us all.

Our Bike Hub’s Earn-A-Bike program teachers participants about bike mechanics and maintenance. It aims to enable participants to repair their own bikes, gain more confidence while cycling and maybe even start a career as a bike mechanic! As part of the program, participants get to pick and refurbish a bike (outside of workshop hours), and take it home.

Recently, one of our participants wrote:

“As a new immigrant to Canada, I was looking for a program that would give me a sense of belonging and direction to follow my passion.

Throughout this incredible 8-week program I not only learned about bike mechanics but also got a chance to build my own bike! Bike repair can be expensive and knowing how to repair my own bike is a great way to save. I can now confidently ride my bike knowing that if something goes wrong, it can always be fixed at no cost or hassle at all.

At the same time, this program also increased my knowledge of bikes and brushed up my cycling skills! It also helped me realise that biking is the most convenient, pleasurable and environmentally-friendly way to go. No matter what the weather conditions are, biking is the way to go.

Earn-a-bike also gave me a chance to interact with new people. It was exciting to meet people who shared the same kind of passion 🙂

Above all, programs such as these are also beneficial in providing employment opportunities in the bike industry, specially for a newcomer like me.”

We are planning a new Earn-a-Bike session for February 2023. To be notified when the program start date is confirmed, please email