Multicultural Wintegration

“You moved to Canada two months ago, and you’ve been to Huntsville already! How?”  That was a friend’s reaction when I told her about the trip I made as a volunteer with CultureLink to Arrowhead Provincial Park in Huntsville along with more than 50 Syrians newcomers.

In partnership with other Canadian associations, seven Syrian families experienced an exceptional day. From seeing the smiles on their kid’s faces and knowing they are safe now to the (welcome smiles), which -need no language to understand, on their new friends’ faces; as well as having some fun for themselves.

As for me, although I have volunteered as an interpreter before and I’ve seen snow before, none of my past experiences was anything like that. I realized how important such activities are, especially for newcomers who don’t have a similar weather back home. Beside the fun we were having, I had those moments where I just paused and watched history being made; people whose countries are enemies are hugging each other and enjoying Canada; kids are having memories which they will be talking about in years – their very first snow trip in Canada. It’s simply beautiful how people regardless of their nationality, religion, or background gather and share moments with each other in this country.

I look forward to participate in more similar events and support my fellow Syrians and meet other new amazing Canadian friends, which are opportunities I’m always thankful for.

By Carine Nasri

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