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Land Acknowledgements

The Artist Participants started their anti-racism workshops with what has been systematically erased from Canadian History: The Indigenous people of Turtle Island. As racialized settlers, the Artist Participants found solidarity with the First Nations. For some, their migration story also began with the destabilization of their home country from colonization. For all, the lived experience as racialized immigrant women have some common ground of being erased and discriminated. The survivors of the residential schools, the last one closed in 1996, are contemporaries of the Artist Participants.

The Artist Participants of the Women of Courage Project developed their personal Land Acknowledgement of places where they live, past residency or visited. Some of the women also provided translation of the City of Toronto’s Land Acknowledgement in their mother-tongue.  As a shameful Canadian legacy, the reservation system was exported to South Africa as a blueprint for its apartheid. Therefore, it is fitting to see the official Land Acknowledgement in different languages and scripts. The multilingual versions reflect the ongoing work and the necessary deep reach of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission locally and abroad.

Appreciating our Indigenous heritage.

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