CultureLink’s Membership is open to all who accept its vision, mission, principles, policies and programming and are prepared to abide by its rules and Bylaws.

Who Can Join CultureLink:

People above the age of 18 years and Organizations, including non-profit organizations or groups that provide settlement services or other help to immigrants and refugees, provided they are supportive of CultureLink’s Mission Statement and respects its policies 

CultureLink Membership

Membership in CultureLink is yearly, for twelve (12) months beginning on January 1 and ending on December 31 of the calendar year. No new memberships with voting privileges will be accepted after the notice for the Annual General Meeting is mailed until the meeting is held.

The Board of Directors will set the membership fees. They are currently $10.00 for individuals and $25.00 for organizations (2008). However, no one will be refused membership because his or her financial situation prevents them from paying the membership fee.

 Benefits of Joining as a Member:

  • Participation in a diverse organization committed to working with Toronto’s newest immigrants and refugees
  • To have the opportunity to vote at the Annual General Meeting. The AGM is held yearly and is a forum where members elect board members to the Board of Directors. The CultureLink Board of Directors governs policy at CultureLink and is directly responsible for CultureLink’s membership.
  • The eligibility to sit in as a board member on the Board of Directors. Each year a criterion for becoming a board member is established depending on forthcoming vacancies, on the ability to address emerging issues within the community and experience in the settlement sector. Professional expertise in the areas of law, youth, immigration, accounting and human resources are some of the criteria that are required. Potential board members must be recommended by a member, board member, staff or participant of CultureLink. Once nominees are screened, interviewed and selected they will be ‘slated’ to be elected by CultureLink members.  Members are responsible to elect who governs CultureLink. 
  • Discounts when renting space at CultureLink, or free use of space for community events.

 How to Join Us:

Please download, print-out and complete the Membership Form and email it to