Toronto has one of the largest immigrant and refugee populations in the world with over half of Torontonians born outside Canada and with over 100 languages spoken daily. CultureLink’s clientele includes newcomer communities from every corner of the globe.

A 1986 study by Employment and Immigration Canada recommended that newcomers be settled more quickly and be supported by settlement services. Ontario Consultation on Reception Houses in 1987, recommended similar programs for newcomers. As a result of these recommendations, the Metro Toronto HOST program was established in October of 1988 by a steering committee comprising of settlement service provider organizations in Toronto. In October 1992, this HOST program was incorporated to become CultureLink Settlement Services of Metropolitan Toronto.

Today, CultureLink is a household name and leading settlement service providers in Toronto, one of the most diverse cities in the world. CultureLink enjoys a reputation of being a welcoming environment for newcomers and a true reflection of our communities, which is evidenced by the talented and multilingual staff who serve clients in more than 30 languages.