Newcomers Speak Up for Success – Public Speaking and Beyond

Public speaking is crucial in most careers as well as in our day to day lives. We need to speak up to share our ideas or make a presentation in a professional setting, or if we are in a supervisory role, we need to motivate our staff. We want to be able to tell our stories of a weekend getaway or crack a joke with our friends or colleagues in an interesting way. We might receive an award and be asked to say a few words or make a toast at a best friend’s wedding!

No matter how professional and confident one may be, everyone experiences hesitation or fear when standing in front of people to speak… what a horror! Some of us will stutter or mumble. Others will have shaky legs or sweaty palms. For some it’s easier to make a speech in their first language but they get terrified if they have to present in another language. For all of us, with continuous practice and encouragement, all fears and anxiety can be defeated.

CultureLink’s Newcomers Speak Up for Success is program within the Community Connections Mentorship Program. In a 10 weekly sessions, it allows participants to practice public speaking and beyond! This program runs once or twice a year. For upcoming sessions visit our Event Calendar.

Program Structure

Each session is two hours long and includes a break, presentation, discussion on related topics and hands-on practice and homework assignments (if required). The last session also includes group photos, awarding certificates and a potluck party (virtual or in-person).

At each session, participants are motivated to try different types of speeches based on their roles as well as their intro speech and interest-based speeches. Sessions are offered in a friendly and motivating environment with demonstration, guidance, and feedback from experienced mentors.


Hands-on practice and discussion of:

  • Types of speeches and presentations
  • Structure and styles of speeches
  • Body language and posture
  • Proper language
  • Using visual aids
  • Tips to overcome fear
  • Adding humor – is it necessary?
  • What’s trending in public speaking?

Participants are divided in small groups and matched with a mentor for on-going support and networking. It is up to the participants to keep the connection with their mentors and peers after the program.

Participants will:

  • Practice their public speaking through impromptu and prepared speeches
  • Meet like-minded peers who may experience the same emotions when standing in front of a crowd, either be large or small!
  • Get on-going support from volunteer mentors during the session
  • Learn and practice at their own pace
  • Make new friends and enhance networking skills
  • Receive a certificate of completion

Everyone is welcome to join and try impromptu or prepared speeches at their own comfort level! Attending all the sessions is not mandatory but certificate of completion will be provided for attending 6 or more sessions.

SPEAK UP! –It is FREE for Landed Immigrants and Convention Refugees over the age of 19 with CLB 5 or above.

To register, fill in and submit CCMP’s Newcomer Registration Form. When prompted, select “Newcomers Speak Up for Success”.

Contact Rubeen, 437-249-7103 or

If you are interested in helping new Canadians improve their public speaking skills, you can Become a Mentor of our Newcomers Speak Up for Success program.


This video was created by participants of the April-June 2020 group.