Learn How to Find Employment

Looking for employment is not easy especially if you are new to the country. What would be your first step? Is a job you are targeting in demand here in Canada? Do you want to invest your time and money to prepare for an occupation if job opportunities are going to be in decline? Which jobs and companies are best suited to your particular skills and experience? Where to find the best employment opportunities for your occupation? Are you are willing to relocate for your career or will you limit your job search to a particular city? Will you consider volunteering to improve your skills?
And the most important question: How to get your dream job?

Here are some key steps that will help you to land a job in Canada:

  • Plan your career doing research on the Labour Market information for your occupation within specific region: explore data about labor supply and demand, earnings, job outlook, employment and unemployment statistics and demographics
  • Look at the skills, qualifications and education in demand
  • Learn how to prepare a Cover Letter & Resume
  • Familiarize yourself with the potential questions that an employer may ask you during a job interview
  • Join LinkedIn, professional groups and associations
  • Make sure your online profile looks professional
  • Contact your target companies regardless of whether or not they currently advertise job openings
  • Be proactive finding job leads and mentors through networking and industry events
  • Conduct Information Interviews with employers in your field
  • Learn how to dress for an interview

Your resume and your job search strategy are works in progress; both can be adjusted as you see what works and what doesn’t. If you are currently facing difficulties looking for a job and not sure what would be your next step, please come and speak to one of our Employment Specialists. They will share their expertise with you, help to develop your job search plan, give a professional advice you can put into action right away and much more.