Health and Recreation

At CultureLink, both our settlement services and our community services include a focus on arts and culture, health and wellness, physical activity, and environmental sustainability.

The “culture” in CultureLink reflects both the wide range of cultures we welcome to our organization, and our many relationships with museums, arts festivals, theatre companies and more.

Meanwhile, our Bike to School Project, Bike Host, NEAT, Wintegration, Global Roots Garden and Youth in Action programs and NEATwalks events, among others, encourage participants to stay active and enjoy the outdoors, as part of daily life or on special occasions. Exercise, enjoying some fresh air, and getting to know more about our city and our natural environment is important for youth, newcomers, seniors – for everyone!

CultureLink also explores the concept of Green Settlement, by which we mean programs which encourage newcomers to take pride in sustainable habits of ways of life from their home countries, and to share them in their new home.

A special thank you to MEC Outdoor Nation for supporting many of CultureLink’s health and recreation programs over the years, and the CultureLink Bike Club in 2019!

“ Without being able to bike, I would hardly have known about the beautiful trails around this beautiful city.”Bike Host Participant