Youth in Action

Youth in Action is a recreation club for newcomer and refugee youth ages 12-24. This club will keep you active, healthy and making friends all year long. The Youth in Action program’s objectives are to establish community connections and healthy living through planned weekly activities, promote cross-cultural integration, establish positive peer relations through peer-mentorship, enhance leadership capacity and improve language and skills. We will be learning and playing all kinds of sports and activities, going on outdoor adventures and we even offer a variety of skills workshops to get you certified and build your leadership and athletic skills for your future!


“I love this sport program. It’s been a really good experience, getting to know how to play new sports for instance Frisbee, I love that sport. Am looking forward on what’s next on this program. I also enjoy the trips we having. This program rocks.”

-Siviwe Masuko (June 2017)

“I think the Youth in Action Program has helped me develop more in the community and be a part of it. I have learned many fun things within this program like doing gardening and canoeing. The truth is that you spend a different time and with the group!”

-Maria Lima (July 2017)

“Youth in Action is a fun after school program, its safe, fun, engaging experience that really helped me develop my social, physical, mental, cultural skills. Youth in Action doesn’t make us feel like kids it makes us feel like future leaders.”

-Layal Fatouh (August 2017)