Skills for Youth Success (SYS)

Skills for Youth Success (SYS) is an innovative pre-employment program designed to teach youth ages 15-29 how to market themselves in today’s digital world.  Through step-by-step instruction, youth in this program learn how to build professional digital profiles, create new-media based resumes, develop networking skills and explore careers through our career networking events.


“Deciding what I wanted to during post-secondary and the preceding years was a difficult journey for me, as I had several options on my plate. However coming across the networking event was an eye opening experience that allowed me to not only learn about other career experiences but really narrow down my own. So, from this, I can now confidently say that I will be pursuing a career in the health field!”  — (Subrana, 17)


“I thought the program on Infographic Resumes was innovative and very beneficial for my Career studies ESL class, especially with technological shifts in the job market. Asal did a wonderful job in teaching this program to my students, it was a seamless transition integrating the material into my course. I think it’s important for these newcomer students to learn about next generation resumes, and they were able to create some really good infographic resumes in Picktochart, and enjoyed doing it. They had fun with the various interactive activities she did with them. Students were motivated and learned many new skills; digital marketing skills and how to use new media tools to present data in a creative way. I am looking forward to continuing the program with Asal in my next term.”  —  (A. Arnokourous, Greenwood Civics and Career Studies Teacher)                                                         

For more information about SYS, please contact Kayla at or at 437-770-1488.