O2O (Orientation to Ontario) Workshop

Orientation to Ontario (O2O) workshop is a great opportunity to have all your settlement questions answered. Ontario has some of the best benefits in the world: health care, education, jobs and more. Learn how to access these services at our O2O workshop: it is free and open to all newcomers regardless of the immigration status.

We offer two models for O2O workshop: Standard (three day) and Fast Track (two day) workshop. Both models are designed and customized to guide new immigrants through the settlement process in Ontario, connecting newcomers with local communities, government resources, provincial and municipal services.

Refreshments, lunch and the workbook ‘An Introduction for Newcomers Settling in Ontario’ are provided during the workshop at CultureLink Main office; we also cover your TTC fare.

However, due to the pandemic situation we currently delivering our O2O workshops online on GoToWebinar platform.

Orientation to Ontario (O2O) upcoming online workshops, a few more Fast Track workshops from 10am to 12.30pm each day for 2022:

March 22 and March 23 – Register

If you have any questions regarding O2O program please contact Alexandra at aerdelyi@culturelink.ca



  • It was great interacting with you yesterday during the O2O webinar. You shared some very important and useful pieces of information related to settlement in Ontario which will certainly go a long way towards making us newcomers’ journey a lot easier.
    October 2020


  • From the participant workshop evaluation:

    August 2020


  • I really loved the sessions and totally enjoyed the presentation. CultureLink team has done fabulous work sharing lot of valuable information.
    August 2020


  • The workshop was very informative. Both Elena and Alexandra shared lot of good information over the 2 days and answered lot of queries. This was really helpful.
    July 2020


  • From a newcomer’s point of view, the presentation covered all important topics.
    I got a lot of ideas about a lot of things which is very important to stay in Ontario. So it’s very nice… and thank you so much again.
    July 2020


  • O2O Workshop was very helpful for me as a newcomer to Toronto, helped me in all the aspects. Coordinators are amazing and the workbook is so great, helps to learn all the basics about Ontario, getting connected with new resources and people. This is an amazing orientation program, you are doing great job to help newcomers to feel confident and comfortable. I would really recommend it for my friends.
    February 2020


  • The facilitators were awesome. I loved everything about this training, it was interactive and educative.
    February 2020


  • Presenters are very experienced and sharing their actual own experience. This workshop helped me to start a new life in Canada.
    January 2020


  • Everything is so helpful. I wish I have attended this workshop earlier. More people must know about this training.
    January 2020


  • My experience today is superb. The workshop covered a wide array of the topics related to newcomer settlement. The facilitators did an excellent job in explaining everything and taking the time to answer all our questions.
    November 2019