Bike Host

The CultureLink Bike Host program matches up newcomers who are open to cycling with mentors who ride regularly. In large and small group activities, Bike Host participants practice their communication skills and learn about civic engagement, all while exploring Toronto by bike. These participants tell us how Bike Host helped them feel great and get to know Toronto.

Bike Host Program Benefits

As reported by participants in the 2016 program, the top three benefits of participating in Bike Host are fun, health and exercise, and getting to know new people. 86% of participants agreed that the program improved their cycling skills and knowledge; by the end of the program participants reported that 31% of their daily trips were made by bike, on average! Not surprisingly, 75% of participants reported saving money on transit fares. 92% would recommend the program to friends or family. View the details in this Report, prepared by Trudy Ledsham and Emma Heffernan of the Toronto Cycling Think and Do Tank. For photography and stories by 2016 participants, check out our annual publication, Bike Host 2016.

What’s new in 2020 

Biking is always a part of summer at CultureLink. With the CultureLink Bike Club we will host group rides, riding lessons, tune-up clinics and more. Come back soon or follow us on @BikeHost to get all the latest announcements. The CultureLink Bike Club is supported by MEC.

Residents of Mississauga can register for the Community Cycling Program offered by CultureLink in collaboration with Peel Multicultural Council. With this program, participants will get all the benefits of cycling mentorship. Email Rahul Mehta at for more information.