One-On-One Settlement Assistance for Newcomers

Our settlement services are offered to newcomers, immigrants, citizens, and refugees; we also provide customized programming available for women, youth and seniors. LSP (Library Settlement Partnerships) and SWCS (Settlement Workers in Community Spaces) programs deliver settlement services to all newcomers regardless of their immigration status helping them fully engage in all aspects of Canadian life. We identify newcomer needs and support them with information and referrals about community and government services for healthcare, legal issues, housing, employment, education, language training; we also assist with applications, documentation and referral translation services. Our settlement workers offer these services in a variety of languages based on community needs. The Toronto Public Library and the City of Toronto provide us with the space and support to deliver our services in the different locations including Toronto City Hall, Housing Connections, Wellesley Place Employment & Social Services for SWCS program and three Toronto Public Library branches for LSP program: Eatonville, Lillian H. Smith and Mimico Centennial Libraries.
If you need to contact one of our settlement worker for one-on-one appointment or group information sessions, feel free to call us:

Shakira Quraishi (SWCS) 416-997-2175 Speaks Farsi
Claudia Montoya (LSP) 647-404-2235 Speaks Spanish
Yan Gu (LSP) 416-931-6536 Speaks Mandarin
Stanley Teo (LSP) 647-404-8857 Speaks Mandarin


  • Hi Shakira!
    I’m here to give our report of the week as we agreed to do… No one else has given me so much time here in Canada: I am extremely grateful for all the attention you give to me and to my family. So I did two job interviews; both for shifts in the morning which will always allow me to go back to Toronto before 3 pm to pick up my kids from their school, because their well-being is mine too, as you’ve said to me many times… I also went to the clothing donation center, to get winter clothes for me and for the whole family. I can not thank you enough since the snow coats were off budget for me at this time. I also started to researching training centers for translators and interpreters. You have to know dear madam that without your precious help and your wisdom I will be sinking into an endless despair.
    I really appreciate your help, your humanity and your sincere goodness. You even carry our worries with you throughout the day to provide us with a support that does not stop at the office but which is extended to follow us at home throughout the day with a maternal like and safe attention. I admire your obstinacy in finding quick solutions to us; without the support of your program our integration problems may never end.

    Thank you for everything!
    October 2019


  • Dear Mr. Stanley Teo:
    I’m writing this letter to extend my sincere gratitude for all the support and great help you gave me to complete my citizenship application ! Your very efficient and meticulous work have left very deep impressions on me. Thank you very much for being very kind and patient to all of your clients and because of your outstanding character and great personality we all respect you!
    Thank you very much for all your kindness and great help!
    Wishing you all the best!
    September 2019

  • Dear Shakira Quraishi,
    We writing you this letter just to say thank you for all the work you helped us with. Myself, my husband and my two kids came to Canada looking for safety from a very dangerous place called *home*. We came to Canada in March 2019 and applied for refugee status. We ended up in the shelter because we had no place to go and we had no funds with us. We stayed in this emergency shelter for almost 4 months. We started looking around searching for any assistance that could help foreign people like us. Then we discovered CultureLink. We discovered Shakira. A great person. A motherly figure. She helped me and my family. She motivated us and she gave us the encouragement and hope of a better future for me and my family in Canada.
    We were basically like little babies that crawl and need some push ups to start walking on their own. Shakira was there for us. She was there during my pregnancy before I gave birth and she was there as a mother after I gave birth. We found out about the subsidized housing. Shakira encouraged us to not only apply for the Toronto area, but also to make sure to apply for subsidized housing in the other cities in Ontario… and fortunately after a very short time just before the birth of our 3rd baby we got an approval from Sudbury for a three bedroom house.
    We are soo happy that we gonna start a new life there, me, my husband and our 3 kids in a a semi detached house with 3 bedrooms. We are very excited to start living there and call this place our home, our own home. There’s too much to say regarding our experience from day one to now here in Canada… it wasn’t easy and it wasn’t impossible, lots of ups and downs we did meet in our way. It’s not over yet but at least we almost there. But thanks to you Shakira, thanks to all the people that look forward to help newcomers and try to reach out to them. We really really appreciate it. Thank you soo much for all the support. Unfortunately there’s is no words to express how thankful we are to you and your organization and all the people that try their best to make it easy for us. Thank you again, Love you Lots! We will always be grateful to you, Shakira. You are always in our prayers.
    June 2019

  • Hello Shakira,
    I am writing this email because I want to tell you that I am glad that I met you because you save me at the most important moment in my life. I am a single mother living with my teenage daughter in Toronto on work visa only. In September last year I went to ask for help at Service Canada here in Etobicoke, they gave me your phone number and I called you that time and you were so helpful from the first moment we met at the Wellesley Place… you told me because I had no work permit it was difficult for you to help me to find a job; however you told me whenever I get my work permit I can call you back and then in February I called you again. I told you if I don’t find work within ten days I will have to leave Canada… you were so kind and you introduced me to a family restaurant the Shawarma Frenzy at Pape Avenue. They were exactly how you introduced them to me, they interviewed me and then hired me the next day. They are very kind people and I started to work with them right away.
    I am so happy with that job because not only I took care of my work permit but also I made my immigration documents to apply for PR. Also the most important they are so nice people as you told me. I appreciate you for all the help you gave me and also for the kindness you have as a person, whenever I called and you answered you were there for me, thank you, thank you a lot !! Happy Mother’s Day!!
    May 2019
  • I have had the need over the last week to visit Eatonville Library. While there on two occasions, I was working for an extended time and happened to overhear one of the staff, Celia, working with new people/families to Canada, assisting them in preparing immigration-related paper work. I was incredibly struck by how great Celia is in this role – she is so kind, gentle, helpful, patient with them. It made me so grateful that they had someone like Celia to work with. I was unaware of this kind of service being offered through the libraries. Such an important work! And such special people, like Celia, working in the libraries. I suggest to find a way of thanking Celia for how great she is in her job. And find a way of telling more Canadians like me of all the special work libraries are doing in our communities (I had no idea!)
    April 2019

  • I’m writing this letter to thank your excellent staff Mr. Stanley Teo for his very best work at Lillian H. Smith Branch Library. When I asked for help to renew my PR card last year, Mr. Stanley Teo was very carefully listening to my request and made detailed list what I should prepare for this application. He made the appointment the same day in the afternoon, efficiently helped me to fill all the forms and sent my application electronically. I received my renewed PR card recently and feel so grateful for his help.
    Last month when I complained that I had been waiting for 10 years to apply for the rent-geared-to-income housing and up till now there is no result, Mr. Stanley Teo suggested to apply for the seniors apartment as I was almost 60 years old. Then he helped me to do the research, to make a choice and now I see the light of hope in my housing application.
    Besides Mr. Stanley Teo is very patient explaining and helping me to solve all the problems when I was using the library computer. His kindness, patience and efficiency in his work did leave me very deeply impressed. I feel that we are very lucky to have Mr. Stanley Teo working in the library for the community! Because of his devotion and contribution he makes CultureLink the real link for the people in our community and helps us to solve a lot of problems!
    Mr. Stanley Teo is excellent and he is an outstanding employee!
    January 2019