CultureLink Mentorship Program


The Wintegration Program is part of NEAT (Newcomers Explore and Appreciate Toronto) Mentorship Program.

It offers welcoming and accessible opportunities for newcomers of all ages to participate in outdoor winter activities and to start developing a healthy habit of staying active year around from the onset of their settlement process.

During the winter months, Wintegration provides newcomers with a variety of free trips and events (weather and budget permitting) such as skating, tobogganing, walking/ hiking, making snow creations and much more. Planned and organized by volunteer mentors and newcomer peer volunteers, these activities generally run from December to mid-April (weather permitting) and engage hundreds of newcomers and their families in fun, safe and heartwarming winter activities.

In the course of the winter with Wintegration, we will:

    • explore Canadian culture (winter sports, activities and customs)
    • learn and/or improve the skill in skating, sledding, etc.
    • increase well-being (physical, mental and emotional)
    • meet new people (networking and socializing)
    • have a chance to spend quality active time with the family

This year, we will also be starting indoor game nights, trips to ROM, AGO and Ontario Science Centre (depending on the availability of the tickets).

We try to offer FREE activities but some cost money. Due to lack of funds, we ask the participants to share the cost where possible to allow trips that cost money, such as trips to the Toronto Islands, Maple Syrup Festival, etc.

Note: Since these activities are geared to engage newcomers (immigrants and convention refugees), we also collect immigration information (i.e. copy of PR card/landing paper, letter of convention refugee status confirmation, etc.)

For more information on our Wintegration activities, please contact Rubeen at 416-588-6288 x 231/