The “culture” in CultureLink not only applies to the wide range of cultures we welcome to our organization, it also refers to our many relationships with organizations from the cultural world.  We are proud to partner with arts organizations reflecting theatre, museums and festivals, some of which are listed below.


Luminato is our oldest Artegration partner.  We have been working with Luminato, one of the world’s leading multi-disciplinary arts festivals, for the past six years. We invite participants to take part in Luminato activities in a group setting with the guidance of mentors. It’s a great way to practise English, learn new skills, explore the city of Toronto, gain Canadian experience and network in a welcoming, safe and collaborative environment. For more information, contact Hashem at 437-288-4915 .


The Soulpepper – CultureLink New Canadians Welcome Program connects newcomer families with Canadian artists where participants have an opportunity to meet with Soulpepper artists or staff mentors, participate in special events with music, food and creative activities for the whole family, enjoy theater outings for free, learn more about Canadian culture and practice English with one of Canada’s premiere theatre companies. For more information, contact Hashem at 437-288-4915 or Marianella at 647-296-0948.

Aga Khan Museum

We have been working with the Aga Khan Museum for the past year to offer Syrians the opportunity to explore their special exhibit on Syria. This fall with them on their Pop-Up Music Series.  From September 27th – October 1st, CultureLink client artists performed for patrons On Wednesday, September 27th between 5 – 7 p.m. we present Taya Duo who plays both the guitar and gayageum.  On Saturday, September 30th at 1 and 3 Kerem Koktas will serenade the audience with the Tulum, a Turkish version of the bagpipes. On Sunday, October 1st at 1 and 3, listen to the strings of the violin and cello from Hovhannes and Wanes Moubayed.

Arts in the Park

This year we partnered with Arts in the Park Toronto Bicycle Music Festival at Humber Bay Park West. Bike Host volunteers participated in both the parade and the activities at the free, mobile, family-friendly, pedal-powered music festival on September 10th. For more information, contact Rubeen at 437-249-7103 .

Koffler Centre of the Arts

The Koffler Centre of the Arts is an arts organization dedicated to making arts and culture accessible to everyone. We have been working with the Koffler Centre for the past year on provide newcomers with opportunities to act as docents at a recent art exhibition. This year we will partner with them to offer newcomers an opportunity to participate in a conversation-based tour to talk about art.  A great way to practise English in a field you love.

Artegration for Children

The goal is to provide newcomer children with innovative programming that helps to enable their integration into their new communities through art activities, healthy lifestyle choices, leadership, community capacity building, and forming a sense of civic pride.  Artegration is an innovative program that offers a variety of diverse activities to children who are new to Canada.  The purpose of these activities is to support and help facilitate the settlement and integration of newcomer children in their first few years in Canada.



“Thank you for introducing me to Luminato Festival. I had a great experience. I had an opportunity to learn so much about volunteering in Canada and Luminato Festival as well.”

– Simone Branco

“I really appreciate the Newcomer Program in collaboration with SoulPepper and CultureLink. I am fortunate enough to have an opportunity to participate in that newcomer program. Where I met so many newcomers and the beautiful open minded mentors like Derek and Bill. Eventually, they helped me in so many ways in the transition of my settlement process. I strongly recommend newcomers to take this fantastic opportunity which will help them to some extent in their initial period of staying as new immigrants.”

-Dr. Aminur Rahman

“Thanks for the opportunity of Soul and Pepper!!! It was very rich !!! A cultural afternoon, enriching in every way!! We enjoyed it very much!! Thank you for your sincere interest and valuable help.”

-Tania Riverol Diaz