One-on-One Employment Assistance

Through the Labour Market Assistance Program (LMAP), we help new immigrants, Permanent Residents and Convention Refugees, who are looking for a job. We offer employment counselling and up-to-date labour market information on specific employment opportunities. Our Employment Specialists provide you with professional assistance to prepare for and find a job by:

  • working with you to determine what you need to become employed
  • helping you develop a plan based on your skills, experience and circumstances
  • providing referrals to the workshops and job training programs

To make an individual appointment or for further information, please contact our Employment Specialists:

Nadeen Abu Shaban (speaks French, Arabic)
Work Cell Phone: 437-388-4904
Office Phone: 416-588-6288 x215

Emmy Mwambigija 
Work Cell Phone: 437-388-5674

If you are a Refugee Claimant, International Student or Work Permit holder and need help with your job search, please contact our Settlement Program Workers

To learn more how to find employment please visit Find a job


  • Hi Laura,Thank you for your time and guidance yesterday. I really appreciate your going above and beyond for explaining me about not only the Resume or employment related things but also about healthcare, childcare, taxation etc. I am glad I got connected to a motivational speaker like you. It was indeed a pleasure speaking to you.Thanks again for the kind work that you are doing and for all the guidance you have given me. I will update my resume and send it you for your reviews.
    Take Care and Stay Safe.Regards
    April 2020


  • Hi, my name is Charmaine Walters and this is my success story:In March 2016 I moved to Canada, leaving my job, my friends and family, trying to find a better life. Living in the Dundas area I use the Dundas West Station regularly. Every time I was in the bus heading to or from the subway, I would see the name CultureLink on the building across the street. And each time I saw the sign I wondered what it was about. At first, I thought it was a place where people of the same culture would meet up and have a good time.
    One day I decided to visit CultureLink and see what it was like. I walked in, spoke to the receptionist, she made a call, and in walked a pleasant lady. I introduced myself to her and she introduced herself as Warda, an Employment Counsellor. During our meeting, I told her that I was new to the country and all the goals I wanted to accomplish in my new life here in Canada. After talking for a while I realized that Culturelink was an organization that assists newcomers in settling in Canada, and connects them to the available resources.
    One of my goals was to go back to school. They walked me through the steps of getting started. I immediately saw the school I wanted to go to and the program I intended to do. I was a bit scared because I had left high school a long time, but they reassured me that it would be ok.
    On September 16, 2018, I enrolled in Humber College pursuing my two years Social Worker Diploma Program. My final semester ends in April 2020, and I am looking forward to continuing my degree at the University of Guelph-Humber.
    January 2020


  • Hi Laura, It was great to hear from you! I wanted to update you that I got a job recently, with BMO, for an accounting analyst position. I am so happy and will try to adapt to the new workplace.
    I would like to thank you for your great support and helpful advice you have given to me.
    Great day to you! Warm regards,
    July 2019


  • Hi Laura, Regarding the question that what helped me to land this job, I thought it was thanks to the “Interview Squad” program which I found very interesting and helpful in terms of providing me with how to interpret the questions from recruiters/employers’ point of view. I did love 5 days compulsory training session with Helen cause I learned a lot from this session…
    Besides, I also joined some mentoring events which enabled me to match and connect with a mentor in my career or related fields with my career. I had a chance to work with a senior manager from RBC and she gave me a big hand with resume editing and mock interviews…
    I think joining programs at CultureLink helped me not only expand my network, but also understand about the labour market more and gain more confident after getting some mock interviews.
    The last factor I would say is luck after I kept applying and applying.
    Thank you once again for your help at the very beginning of my job search process.
    I wish you will have a wonderful week ahead! Thanks and best regards,
    August 2019