Volunteer with CultureLink

CultureLink provides opportunities for individuals, particularly newcomers to Canada, to learn, practice, and utilize their newfound skills and knowledge. Volunteering is one way to obtain valuable local experience, often requested by employers. Volunteering is also an excellent way to gain valuable new references while building social and professional networks and connections in the community.

Culturelink’s Community Connections Mentorship Program provides a variety of mentoring opportunities to foster your leadership qualities. Please call 416-588-6288, ext. 210, to inquire, or register online at our dedicated sign-up page.

Volunteers can contribute to CultureLink in many other areas, such as assisting with special events like holiday celebrations, and cultural festivals. Volunteers provide interpretation and translation for the Roma Program (Hungarian, Slovak and Czech) and for the Newcomer Seniors Program (Chinese, Polish, and Spanish). With the Library Settlement Partnership, volunteers facilitate English Conversation Circles. There are also opportunities to assist with administrative and marketing tasks in the main office, and with programs in our Children and Youth Centre.

Volunteer Opportunities

Drop-in Volunteer posting

Volunteer with Artegration – For the After-School Children’s Homework Club. Mondays and Tuesdays, 4-6:30pm. Contact nali@culturelink.ca for more information.

Application process

The application process includes these steps:

  • You review the website to find out more about the programs we offer.
  • You send the Community Volunteer Application Form, Resume, and Cover Letter to the Office Manager at kchwartz@culturelink.ca.
  • After receiving your application, we schedule an interview between you and your potential supervisor.
  • If you want to go ahead with volunteering, we invite you to attend an Orientation Session giving you an Agency Overview and Agency Tour, and reviewing all policies and procedures.

For more information, please contact the Office Manager via kschwartz@culturelink.ca.