Mentorship Program for Newcomers

Career Mentoring

Are you an internationally trained skilled immigrant who is new to Canada? Have you been using the same strategies that made you successful in your home country only to find they don’t work here? Do you need someone to guide you to conducting a successful job search in your field? Are you struggling to find a connection in your professional field? The Community Connections Career Mentoring program is here to help you build crucial business connections and obtain personal support for your job search. Within the mentorship program, our long-term volunteer mentors and speed networking mentors will help you to improve your employment outlook so that you are successful through a combination of the following activities:

  • exposing you to current and accurate industry information
  • introducing you to people who already hold the positions that you are seeking
  • setting an attainable career goal and practical action plan with you
  • coaching you to improve your communication in English and understanding of workplace culture
  • helping you to develop effective job-searching and self-marketing strategies
  • assisting you with establishing professional networks and enriching your social capital
  • providing peer support and networking through a dynamic group mentoring approach

You can join the Career Mentoring Program if you:

  • are a Permanent Resident
  • held a professional qualification outside of Canada, but no Canadian experience in your profession
  • have a job-ready level of English proficiency
  • have a basic knowledge of the Canadian labour market
  • can commit to at least 30 hours within the next six months to meet with a mentor and participate in our programs–attendance is required
  • are diligent and highly motivated to look for work in your profession

How Can I Join?

After you fill the registration form, you will be invited to speed-mentoring events to interact with our one-off mentors, attend our Informational Interview Nights, and/or be matched with one mentor for a period of 3 to 6 months for long-term mentoring.
To get more information about this program please contact Rubina Afsar at or Victor Gomes at


“I attended my first mentoring/networking event in Canada, which happened to be the one you ensured I showed up for.. with a complete team of HR folks, and I walk out of this event feeling confident about landing myself a job already. Can’t quite tell you the feeling. It was like I wasn’t alone in my search for meaningful work. Today I [am] work[ing] full time with CIBC as a business systems analyst…Keep doing the great work you do. We all need you to.”

-Rohan Dia

“I started my job in CIBC on August 15, as Financial Services Representative. This could not be done without the opportunities which Culture Link provided me to meet relevant people. I want you to know how much I appreciate you and your colleagues’ support and help.”

-Zinat Moradinia

We all feel very fortunate to have this opportunity to work with so closely with CultureLink, and its “Purpose” towards mentorship|hiring events like today’s.  From all of us at Team CIBC we want to Thank you, and Team CultureLink for your all your hard work towards setting the stage for another very successful event all around!!

-Andrew Vassos, District Vice-President, CIBC