Seniors Empowering Seniors (SES)

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CultureLink’s Community Services Department is proud to present the Seniors Empowering Seniors program (SES) funded by Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC). Seniors Empowering Seniors (SES) is a Community-based project inspired and led by seniors, created for racialized, low-income newcomer and immigrant seniors, living marginalized and in poverty in the South-Parkdale and West-End of Toronto. This project will provide an …

Participants in CultureLink's seniors programs

2018 AGM highlights CultureLink’s Seniors program

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On October 25th, CultureLink held its 2018 Annual General Meeting. Alongside official business, we celebrated 30 years of diversity, inclusion, and growth with a special event showcasing our Seniors program. Our senior clients showed their musical talents and their powers as public entertainers. First, the Polish group engaged the audience in their singing. A crowed of over 100 repeated “Koo …