Training at Work

Tanya Settlement in the Community News

A 25 years old client, knew some English, had lived in a completely different culture and country all his life and had worked as a music teacher back home.
He wondered how he would find a job in his new home. He couldn’t work in the music teaching field due to language and certification barriers, so he started looking for a survival job in another field. Through his neighbor who was a CultureLink client, he came to know about the Hospitality Language Training Program which was conducted at CultureLink in partnership with Hospitality Workers Training Centre (HWTC). So, he joined the program and improved his language skills so he could communicate and express himself, and then, he joined the HWTC to get training as housekeeping staff.
After he finished his technical training and was awarded WHMIS and Room Attendant Certificates, he got employed through HWTC at One King West Hotel. He thought this was exactly what he needed at this stage. He was able to network, pay his bills and to start searching for possible ways to get certified as a music teacher, so he might pursue his passion in his new home.